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There's a great power driving the ship

So much of our lives are spent striving toward goals - goals that we think will make the rest of the world like and admire us. But are these goals the real plan for our lives?

If are we leading an aligned life and are following our passions, the answer is likely yes. Often, however, we are told by the outside world what is expected of us. Have you sat in stillness and really thought about what makes you happy? Or perhaps "thinking" is the wrong word. Have you listened to you your heart? This is how God often speaks to us. This should be an everyday occurrence; a continual way of navigating in our lives.

I am convinced that we came to this planet with plans and aspirations for this lifetime. Plans that are fully supported by God and our team of Spirit Guides. If we listen to our hearts, we will know the direction to go. Thinking too much about how to get there can bog us down. Rather, spend more time imagining how it would it feel to have achieved your goal and life aspirations. The world will line-up to make things work out. There is a greater power driving the ship. Trust in this and enjoy the ride. There is no need to paddle the ship through efforts that don't feel good. You will feel compelled to take inspired action when the time is right. What is the next step that feels right to you? Ask this every day. The captain has a great trip planned for you!

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