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"The book gave me an overwhelming sense of validation, trust, understanding, and belief. Those things are hard to achieve in and of themselves, and you managed to do it in one fell swoop."

"I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I am one who is in the awakening process – and the timing of this book has come at the perfect time in my existence."

"Immediately in the beginning I was touched, and instantly knew I needed to read this book."

"The book will be perfect for many people...who realize that continuing to approach life in ways that haven’t worked for many, many years is just foolish."

"What a labor of love, and a gift to all who read it! I loved everything about it!"

"It came just when I needed a good smack up side the head, to get back into trusting the Universe, and knowing all is and always will be well."

"I'm overwhelmed with emotion, tears fill my eyes, and a lump makes it difficult to swallow... while I realize the "gut feelings" I've experienced over time are validated.

"This is giving me a feeling that I'm where I'm supposed to be, doing what I'm supposed to be doing...and that enjoying life vs. laboring through it, is not only ok, but exactly what is supposed to be happening.

"Your ability to describe your meditations is wonderful!"

"The quotes, meditations, and affirmations are superb!"

"This material will tremendously help people who have reached a point in their frustrating journeys where they have an open mind to new ideas. It will also help them realize that they are not alone."

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