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The Book 

Are you doing everything in life you were told would lead to success but are disappointed at almost every turn?​

Are you trying to get traction in your spiritual journey?


Do you want practical ways to find peace, joy, and empowerment?


Are you ready to dance with the Universe, instead of fighting it?


Clear Vessels will provide you with the tools to help you achieve those goals and more!


Go from being a seeker to being a finder!

Becoming a clear, receptive vessel through which the creative force flows is the most powerful work you can do in your life.


Clear Vessels reveals a process that allows you to tap into Universal wisdom. This process will become the most exciting and rewarding adventure you have ever undertaken, a lifelong endeavor that allows your passions and self-expression to flourish. It will take you places you had always hope to go, and to places you never imagined.


A series of deeply moving stories, practical exercises, and real-life examples take you on a spiritual journey of transformation that will change the way you navigate this world.


As you notice the connection between your thoughts and the manifestations that arise, you realize the incredible power you are. You will dance with the Universe. You will become a magician of sorts, a master of allowing.

Clear Vessels will prove that you have the power to create worlds. You will finally know what it means to be made in the image of God. You are love—the most powerful force in this world.

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