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Holly Burns


Consciousness Coach

Consciousness Therapist


Throughout the book, I share lessons from readings that Holly Burns performed for me. These readings were the motivation for the book. While the readings are personal in nature, the lessons shared by “the Elders” apply to all of mankind. I would describe the Elders as the all-knowing, collective consciousness. The accuracy, insight, and power of the readings blow me away. Through Holly, the Elders told me things that only I knew; things that I only said to myself. The Elders taught me to fine tune the most subtle vibrations and thoughts. After one reading, I exclaimed to myself, "This information is GOLD!" At that moment, I knew I needed to share these life coaching tips with the world.

I first bumped into Holly in a book store in Minneapolis. She was doing free readings as a way of building her business. She reminded me much later that I gave her $20 for my “free” reading, and stated she never forgot that. I simply believe if value is received, value should be given. This keeps the flow going. If you want a bigger flow of money coming in, work on sending a bigger flow of money out.

Holly has been a clear vessel that has allowed the gifts of the Divine to flow through her to others. She is on the cusp of some very big achievements in her own right and is a living example of the principles this book teaches. I am hopeful that the recognition that she gets from this book helps in some way to reward her for all that she has given to many people. Please reach out to Holly with the links above if you desire a reading or consultation.

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