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Steve grew up in South Dakota, a land that is as beautiful as it is demanding. Hard work and perseverance were the recipes for success for the generations who settled this land.

While these traits seemingly served Steve well, there came a point where he was forced to question this belief system. There must be more to life than working hard for someone else’s definition of success. And where does God fit into all of this?

Through an opening caused by life’s circumstances, Steve learned what a kind and compassionate Universe we live in. We are fully supported by a team of all-knowing Spirit Guides who like to have fun just as much as we do.

Steve has learned that joy, ease, and awareness are much more productive than “efforting” through life. He hopes his adult sons, Zach and Joe, can benefit from this knowledge in ways that Steve did not know about as they were growing up.

Residing in Wisconsin, Steve enjoys nature, college football, music festivals, and motorcycle riding.

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