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The Secret of Silent Spaciousness

"This silence, this moment, every moment, if it's genuinely inside of you, brings you what you need." - Rumi

Creating gaps in our busy stream of untrained thoughts can help us tap into the magic and wisdom of the Universe and our Souls. Here's one exercise that can help you get there:

As you walk in nature, notice the space that surrounds everything. We are trained to notice the "things," but have you ever observed the blanket of silent spaciousness that surrounds these things? Every noise that is made is absorbed into this silence. Everything that exists, exists in this space. This silent spaciousness is the womb of creation. Without this, nothing can exist. Within this space is the magical elixir of God's creative force.

Now, notice this same silent, spaciousness in yourself. Notice that silent core in your head where no thoughts in your heart...and your solar plexus. Now merge them together into one large center of silent spaciousness. Soak in this peaceful presence as long as you see fit. This is the space where miracles occur. Create space for miracles today.

Notice this spaciousness on your next walk in nature, and thank nature for its teachings.

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