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Surrender yourself humbly, then you can be trusted with all things. - Lao Tzu

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

The greatest benefit of becoming a clear vessel, other than having a life of joy and empowerment, is that you are always aware that you are simply a vehicle for God to work through; thus, all glory and honor belong to God. We are much like a fire hose and God is the water. We are an instrument for directing god's power (or Universal energy, if you prefer). Because of this, we stand in gratitude and reverence of this power knowing that we are not the original source. And we are grateful that we were the chosen channel for this flow. This knowledge prevents the egoic downfall that has brought down many of history's largest figures, and also keeps one open to the best possible outcomes. God's plan for you is so much better than whatever you have envisioned for yourself.

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