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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

I have to share a little "God wink" story that happened to me recently.

I was going for my usual meditational walk over my lunch hour. I often get signs or winks along the way if I get quiet, pay attention, or simply ask. You will too if you stop the buzzing noise in your head. I was just about to the end of an unusually quiet walk, so I asked if there was anything my spirit guides wanted to tell me before I was done. Within about 10-20 seconds, a car drove by me with a license plate that read:


That is sooooo true - I define me! Everything revolves around our self-image. When you change that, the world around you changes.

In Clear Vessels, I share another similar message that the Elders shared with me via Holly Burns. They said:

"You have the power within yourself to accomplish anything you wish."

I expand further on how to accomplish this in the book by discussing the power of the words "I am," as well as many other tools. What words are you saying to yourself? What "I am" statements are you making, consciously or sub-consciously? You are defining yourself. Is it the definition you want? We have the power to define ourselves; let's not sell ourselves short. Are you going to survive, skimp along, just get by...or are you going to knock it out of the park, rock this whole life, and create miracles? It is just as easy either way. And it is all up to each of us. How are you going to define yourself?

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