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I am a hole in a flute through which God's breath flows - Listen to the music! - Hafiz

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Eliminating negative thoughts, fears, doubts, ego or any other blockages creates the space for self-expression and miracles. The quote by Hafiz takes a great burden off us by telling us what our role is in the creative process. We do not have push the air through the flute, nor do we have to be the fingers that cover the holes in perfect rhythm. We simply have to allow - in other words, don't gum up the holes with negative thinking. If you find things are not coming together in a certain endeavor and you sense that you are "efforting", or trying hard with no results, back off and allow space for answers. I always say, "It has to come easy, because it can't come hard." This goes against everything most of us midwesterners learned growing up. The time to push forward and "work" is when inspired action feels good. It is very easy to tell when things are flowing and when you are battling. Follow your intuition. Allowing space is often more productive than the work, especially when you aren't going with the flow. #hastocomeeasy #efforting #Hafiz #allowing #space

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