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Heart-based Consciousness

Navigating life with a heart-based consciousness brings ease, abundance, and self-expression. This all sounds like a great inspirational quote, but at the end of the day, we need practical advice, right? So just what is a heart-based consciousness?

It is about following your intuition. The more you do it, the more you will trust it. Trust is a key element. Follow your intuition and TRUST it…no matter what your head and the outside world say. Your Soul speaks to you through the feelings in your heart - listen to these whispers. Your heart knows the way.

Once you have practiced following your intuition, trust that you are on your path. Bumps are part of the path. Don’t hit a bump and think “Oh my goodness, I’m sinking. This isn’t working." It is always working. Follow your intuition always, always, always. Following your heart will bring solutions and abundance, and it allows you to express your true self. The world needs you…not a clone of society.

Practice this on small things at first, so when you get to big decisions you can trust it fully. In Clear Vessels, Holly Burns provides some great examples of just how to do this.


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