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Going Within

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Much of my life was spent trying to please the outside world. By the outside world, I mean parents, teachers, God, employers, society - hell, even strangers. I was always guessing what they wanted me to say or be. All of the focus was external. In the end, it was all a facade. When that philosophy came crashing down, part of me died and part of me opened up.

Growing up Catholic, I was always particularly confused by a quote from Jesus in the bible which stated, "The kingdom of God is within you." They did not explain that in Sunday school. Just what does that mean? With much trial, error, reading, and coaching, I think I now have a better idea of what Jesus meant.

The body is an amazing facility of wisdom and functionality. I am talking about its physical aspects as well as it's energetic and spiritual capabilities.

Physically, your body serves as a record of emotional strife. Dis-ease becomes disease. The body is also incredibly durable and can withstand much abuse and is even quite adept at healing itself, especially if you listen to it. This is all well-known.

What is less well-known is the wisdom of the body's spiritual and energetic field. The body serves as a pathway to your Soul, God, and your Spirit Guides. We've all heard about trusting your heart, but it is more literal than many believe. This team of Spirit Guides is there to help us all day long if we just learn to listen.

In Clear Vessels, I talk about a two-stage process to living a guided life. The first stage is the "clearing stage." This is where we quiet the mind, heal the past, and take the focus off the external world. Our focus shifts internally, quite literally, and opens up the channel to true wisdom and guidance. This one step alone will change lives. Once we obtain this clarity, a stream of better thoughts, intuition, and energy come flooding in. Steady communication with our spiritual team and the universe begins. This is the beginning of the "creating stage". By paying attention to the messages we intuitively receive - and managing our thoughts, emotions, and feelings - we begin to mold this higher vibrating energy into manifestations. If we find the feeling of something, the universe will find a physical match for it. The vibration, or aura, that we send off really matters! I have found that it is often better to leave the details of our manifestations to the universe. It knows better than us what we truly desire.

"Going within" and managing our vibrations allows us to navigate life more easily and allows our life's purpose to emerge. Our path will find us. I hope you don't wait as long as I did to drop the "efforting" and begin going with this great flow. As the Elders told me through Holly Burns, "True alignment and true happiness come from within you and radiate out."


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