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Fear & Now - Meditation

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Being a Clear Vessels for God to work through is all about being present in the now. The vibration you are sending out from this moment is what attracts your future reality. This is your point of power.

Fear is what keeps your from this point of power. All forms of healing really come down to the elimination of fear. There is fear, and there is love. Fear is all about what is to come. Love is what you are when fully present and trusting in God's plan. A lack of money, for example, is about not having enough in the future. You don't need money in this second. All dis-ease of the brain is a fear of some condition or event in the future.

I personally have found that even when things are going quite well for me, my mind tries to create anxiety, a form of fear, by thinking of future conditions. There are things I have to do and there is uncertainty. It can be challenging to quiet an anxious mind. For these instances when my heart is at odds with my mind, I created the following meditation to get me into a heart-based consciousness:

I simply say "In my heart, there is...", followed by what I truly believe. This disengages my brain and allows my true feelings to rise to the surface. Here is an example:

"In my heart there is trust. In my heart there is gratitude. In my heart there is compassion. In my heart there is hope. In my heart, I am secure. In my heart, I am fully supported by God and trust him to direct me to my divine plan." Go on as long as you see fit. I hope you find this useful!

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