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- Steve Hoffman

"Becoming a clear, receptive vessel through which the creative force can work is the most powerful work you can do in your life."

Don't Give Up Before the Magic Begins!

"Steve is a fellow seeker and kindred spirit that has captured his spiritual transformation powerfully in his book, Clear Vessels. If you’ve ever questioned the meaning of life or faced seemingly unrelenting challenges, Steve’s guidance and personal story may be just what you need to hear. He provides you with everything needed to make meaningful change in your own life including: meditations, affirmations, and visualizations. Steve knows the power we all have within us, and he wants you to know too!"

- Robyn Miller Brecker 

Host of “Seeking with Robyn”, Former Oprah Winfrey Executive

"Clear Vessels will help you realize that no matter what you are going though, you are never alone and it is still possible to experience peace and guidance."
- Dr. Matthew Welsh, J.D., Ph.D.
Founder of Spiritual Media Blog

"Clear Vessels brings to life the journey we are all on...finding our life's purpose.  Steve's remarkable gift for sharing his story, along with the tools and insights that we can all use in our own lives, makes this both an enlightening and inspiring read for soul seekers everywhere."

- Karen Loenser, "Seeking with Robyn" (co-producer/co-host) and Operations Director, Discovery Digital Productions

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